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(Re)search & Find!

Hi student! What can artistic research mean to you?

Art and / as Research
at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

academic year 2022 - 2023

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In this brochure, we give you an insight in what you can expect in the academic year 2022-2023 to get acquainted with research in the arts.

All lectures, research classes, symposia, performances, events, ... organized by our artist-researchers, try to give you the opportunity to explore new, other perspectives in and about (the) art (world).
It’s up to you to decide which paths you chose in the programme proposed in this brochure, to decide on what you want to explore or where you want to deepen your knowledge and/or skills.

Take your time to scan this brochure. Highlight the parts you want to participate in and save the dates. Follow your curiosity!
Feel welcome on all our events, we like to see new faces!

→ Download the brochure