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Options and focuses within the master Piano

From academic year 2023-2024 onwards, you can orientate within different options and focuses during the master piano. Within the option solo piano, for instance, you can opt for the focus researcher-musician, creative musician or concert soloist. In the chamber music & accompaniment option, you can further specialize in the focus collaborative pianist or repetiteur. There is also the possibility of opting for an educational master's degree via the option education.

Below is an overview of the options and focuses within the master piano.

Educational master's programme – piano  

If you want to pursue a career in art education and pass on your passion for music to the next generation of musicians, read more about our educational master's in music here.

Master piano – option piano solo

Focus 1: The researcher-musician
Are you passionate about research in the arts? In this focus, you can further develop your theoretical knowledge and research skills, linked to your artistic practice. Specific subjects are research activities and additional subjects in music theory and culture.

Focus 2: The creative musician
Are you a creative mind who likes to create projects and think out-of-the-box? In this focus, you get extra time and space within the curriculum to indulge your creativity and learn to create and develop projects. Specific subjects include interdisciplinary project, electronic improvisation and introduction to digital skills. 

Focus 3: The concert soloist
This focus is for students who are active on the music competition scene. You will receive extra support preparing for these through the course concerto training. Studying a complete piano concerto is added to your standard piano year repertoire.

!Important: this focus is only accessible if your piano level meets the expectations on the entrance exam and if you can show sufficient evidence of competition activities and prizes.

Master piano – option chamber music and accompaniment 

Do you love the social and musical interaction with fellow musicians and the energy of working as a team member? The option chamber music and accompaniment is the ideal path for you, where you will acquire extensive practical knowledge and a good understanding of career opportunities in the professional field. 

!Important: This option is only accessible if you pass the piano entrance test as well as the additional sight-reading test.

Focus 4: The Collaborative Pianist
In this focus, you will be actively trained to accompany other instruments and play chamber music. Specific subjects are: lied studio, additional chamber music, accompaniment & coaching (where you are actively put into action as an accompanist, especially in instrument classes) and conducting.

Focus 5: The repetiteur
Do you aspire a career in the opera (as a conductor, repetiteur or choirmaster) and/or as a recital partner of singers in particular? In this focus, you will be prepared for that in a very focused way. Specific subjects are: repetiteur training, language and voice coaching, accompaniment & coaching (where you are actively put into action as an accompanist, especially in singing classes) and conducting.