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Haider Al Timimi

Actor and theatre maker Haider Al Timimi (°1979, Baghdad) is part of the permanent core of collective Arsenal/Lazarus. In 2013 he founded the company Kloppend Hert, which recently received structural recognition. Haider was involved as a player and dancer in various productions including Onze Lieve Vrouw van Vlaanderen (2005), Legal/ Illegal (2005), Singhet ende weset vro (2006), Broeders van Liefde (2007), Back to school (2010), Stabat Mater (2002), Layla wa Majnun (2006), Cesena/Rosas (2011). He was involved as a chroreographer with Singhet ende weset vro (KVS, 2005), In welke fabriekske zijn gij gemaakt (KVS, 2005), Het moment waarop we niets van elkaar wisten (2005, Kaaitheater), Bvba Borderline (2009) and Brecht Revue (2009). He has made the performances Utopeace (2006), Carnival of Guilt (trilogy) (2010-2011), Flor de cana (2010), Ich Bin Wie Du (2012), Total Loss (2013), Bite the hand that feeds you (2014), Layla's Fool (2015), Utopera (2017) and Studio Shehrazade (2018).

Haider Al Timimi is involved as a teacher in the Drama - Acting programme.

Photo: Stan - Move(on)