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Ines Cox

“Ines Cox is a graphic designer” is the first sentence of Ines Cox’ biography. In 2020 she decided to write this version from an imaginary narrator’s point of view. By surrendering to an invisible third person, she expected an objective picture of herself and her work in return. The growing text on the screen reminded her about dubbed voices on Spanish tv. She heard herself saying the original text but saw someone else writing it down. While the cursor continued jumping to the right, she daydreamed about a simple line drawing to summarize her practice. Such a metaphor could clearly show how autonomous work and clumsy writing ventures run parallel to research (at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp) and commissioned jobs (for artists, institutions and publishers). The longer her imagination tried to design the diagram, and the narrator described the process simultaneously, the more complex it started to look: a crisscross of short and long lines, some crooked and sinuous, others straight, all moving back and forth in an unpredictable way. The cursor stopped and blinked on the spot.