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Ingrid Verhoeven

Parallel to her professional career as a jewellery designer, Ingrid Verhoeven is looking for a broader visual and content-related basis. Textually by writing about art. Visually by focusing on fine arts in her own practice in recent years.

In addition to her guest professorship at the Academy, she teaches the course Reflection/Communication. Ingrid is convinced that by learning how to write and analyse, by also learning to reflect on exhibiting, visual work can become more layered. The maker better understands what he/she is doing and is able to take further steps from that perspective.

Words do not have to replace the image, but they are a means of approaching and understanding the image.

Goldsmith / Schoonhoven, The Netherlands,
Evening School Jewellery KASKA / Antwerp, Belgium
BA of Arts in General Comparative and Intercultural Literature / Leiden, The Netherlands
Evening School Literary Writing / Borgerhout, Belgium
MA Autonomous Context Sint Lucas / Antwerp, Belgium