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An Jonckers

An Jonckers studied Object & Jewellery Design and the Specific Teacher Training Programme at PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt (BE). On the one hand, her interest in jewellery history led An to her job at Adin, a renowned jewellery store specialised in antique jewellery. On the other hand, An also followed her fascination for gemstones by participating in the Gemmology Programme at the Academy of Mineralogy (ACAM). Her knowledge and competence in regards with gemstone identification was soon awarded with recognition at European level (FEEG), whereafter she was offered the opportunity to cooperate in the founding of an innovative certification company (IJGC) in Antwerp. That track record enables An to work as a freelancer in all professional domains that get her heart buzzing: jewellery design, antique jewellery, gemstones… and inspiring others. At the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, An is motivated to get the next generation of jewellery designers excited about and committed to the gemstone market and their role within this jewellery branch.