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Lore Suls

Lore Suls graduated in 2004 as a master in Visual and Audiovisual Arts at Sint Lucas Antwerp. In addition, she obtained a diploma as an art teacher & creative therapist in 2007. 

Lore works as a guide and studio supervisor at the MAS and Middelheim Museum. In the Educational Master of Visuals Arts (EMA), she teaches the subjects Cultural Agogics, Arts Education Internship (KES), Artistic Pedagogical Research (APO).

She is more than at home in the arts-educational, artistic and social-artistic world. As a freelancer for the past 20 years, she has designed and implemented concepts, workshops and projects, in collaboration with various partners such as De Veerman, Mooss, Amuz, Kunst-in-zicht, Wisper, ArtForum, De Factory, Studio Globo, Laïka, Tuning People, De Klap, Corso, Schouwburg Noord, cc Sint-Niklaas, cc RIX... .

She was principal investigator of the research project 'multiperspectivity in the museum context' in collaboration with the University of Antwerp.

Lore is the inventor of the 'Inclusive Arts' project and is part of the research team.