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Mark Verstraete

Mark Verstraete (1948) obtained a degree in ainting from Sint-Lukas Brussels in addition to the acting degree at the Ghent Conservatory. He has more than 34 years of experience as an actor in various companies in Flanders and the Netherlands (NNT) including the former Arca, Theater Antigone, Het Toneelhuis, Het Paleis, KVS, and NTG. Verstraete played in dozens of TV series and films and is best known for his role of Jef from De Kotmadam, a role he has played continuously since 1991.

Together with Bart Meuleman and Herwig Illegems Verstraete founded the company De Zweep (1988 to 2003). He teached at the small-scale department of Studio Herman Teirlinck and later at the Antwerp Conservatory.
Verstraete worked with various directors including the duo Herman Gillis and Pol De Hert and also with Walter Tillemans (1982 to 1988 in Arca Ghent). He played in pieces by Eric De Volder, Johan Dehollander and Arne Sierens, including Mouchette. He also produced solo productions and his own creations, including De Gedaanteverwisseling (Kafka 1994-1996), Engel in de zon (Bart Plouvier 2000-2002), De Smerige Trilogie and De Zweep verkoopt Show (1998 tot 2003 on Location en KVS) and De Matchboxtrilogie (2004-2006 bij Het Paleis).