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Peter Lemmens

Peter Lemmens is an artist, who looks at operational levels for their social, political, economical and artistic capacities. On this intersection, he works on how to organize one self responsibly, contaminating the question of “what to produce?” with the question of “how to produce?”. While working on distribution, narrativity, DIY and marginal practices, he often uses sound, video and text. His works are demarcations not only of what can be done differently, but of what can be done simultaneously. This carries a small but fundamental nuance. He thinks conflict and development is not about resolution, but a permanent, fragile mode of production. He thinks amateurism is not incompetence. He likes to make boring works. He sees diversions as a productive method. His work formulates an exit strategy. Working with others is a constant in his practice and he finishes this bio by quoting 'Mine is not an autonomous imagination’.