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Researcher (>1)

Researcher (>1) are artists, philosophers, performers, words, audience, designers, books and researchers, among others. They are a call for collectiveness initiated by the Italo-Sudakas Renata Lamenza and Stefania Assandri. They intertwine themselves in the research project TACTICS for a COLLECTIVE BODY.

They were, they are and they will continue being transnational rhizomatic dialogues between the ones below and the ones yet to come: researchers: Stefania Assandri and Renata Lamenza/ supervisor: Nico Dockx/ co-supervisor: Katleen Van Langendonck/ research groups: Body and Material Reinvented, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp– chairwoman: Ria De Boodt, and Creation, Royal Conservatory Antwerp– chairwoman: Ine Vanoeveren/ advisory committee: Giuliana Ciancio– UAntwerpen, Joonas Lahtinen– Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and University of Helsinki, Kathleen Coessens– KCB and RCA, and Myriam Van Gucht– Royal Academy of Fine Arts / graphic designer: Erica Heathcote/ books: ‘Bodies that matter’ by Judith Butler and ‘Artificial Hells’ by Claire Bishop/ they may be you too.