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Tony Vezich

Tony studied contemporary dance at the New Zealand School of dance and later spent the whole next decade and a half working as a dancer and choreographer in Germany. Tony is the founder, artistic director and choreographer of the temper-temper dance company and his repertoire consists of over fifty choreographic accomplishments. After having dissolved temper-temper, he became the head lecturer of contemporary dance at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, and was able to devise and develop his technique called, ‘release-the- beast’- which he teaches throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Release the Beast: inspired by injury-prevention, Tony’s ‘release-the- beast’ technique is a codified system- and more than that, it is the no-nonsense aftermath of Tony’s intensely physical trajectory as a dancer and perfomer. Therein lies a heavy emphasis on floor-work and a certain sequential order of the body in relation to the origin from which movement is initiated. One defining factor is the dependency upon the re-finding of a powerful center and learning how to use and substantiate it in order to move greater distances in relationship to the floor and the lower spatial planes.

Function: Contemporary dance