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Tuur Marinus

Tuur Marinus was born in Antwerp in 1981. He obtained a Master degree in Visual Arts at Sint Lucas Antwerp prior to starting a training as a dancer/choreographer at P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels) from 2004 till 2008. 

Tuur worked as a dancer for Vincent Dunoyer, They Are Here and Fabian Barba. Together with the contemporary dance collective Busy Rocks he created a.o. “Dominos and Butterflies”.  In his own name he created a.o. the performances “Still Animals” and recently “TH LNG GDBY”. 

Since 2017 Tuur is a guest teacher at the Bachelor Dance departement of the Antwerp Royal Conservatoire (KCA). 

As a researcher in the arts at the KCA (within the research group CorpoReal), Tuur executed the research project “Choreographing Potentialities of Collectivity” throughout 2019-2021. From 2022 till 2023 he will be elaborating the research project “Friction & Tension: Weaving with Choreography’s Troubles”.  

Next to his work in the performing arts Tuur collaborates with his brother Flup Marinus on visual arts projects. 

Function: Portfolio, Mentoring choreography, Mentor Ba3