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Tuur Marinus

Tuur Marinus was born in Antwerp in 1981.  He obtained at Masters degree in visual arts at Sint Lucas (Antwerp) before starting to train as a dancer/choreographer at P.A.R.T.S. from 2004 until 2008. Since 2008 Tuur works as a dance maker, both creating projects in his own name as in collaboration with the Brussels based dance collective Busy Rocks. As a dancer Tuur also worked for Vincent Dunoyer, They Are Here, and Fabian Barba.

Together with his brother, Tuur & Flup Marinus make an artist duo that work both in visual and in performing arts. 

Since 2017 Tuur is a guest teacher at the Dance Department of the Antwerp Royal Conservatoire, and from 2019 Tuur is also involved as a researcher in dance/choreography at the Antwerp Conservatoire.   

Function: Portfolio, Paper, Choreography, Mentor