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Valentine Kempynck

Valentine Kempynck worked for 25 years as a costume and decor designer in the cultural sector within theater and was fortunate enough to work together with big names. This eventually evolved into social artistic work in which she became autonomous. Kempynck is convinced that it is important to include difficult-to-handle aspects in daily life. She constantly develops ways to give back a place for death in life.

She developed a methodology The right for nature in which the oldest and youngest generations learn from each other within the school hours through gardening: the children bring in their energy, the seniors share their life wisdom.  

Furthermore, Valentine Kempynck co-founded the food collective De Beek that works on food ethics, she also gives workshops here. With Jetse Batelaan she is working on school projects dealing with life questions: Maybe the children knew everything. She taught at the Das Arts University of Applied Sciences where she worked on rituals, she taught at the Academy of Maastricht and worked on several projects together with the Marco Polo Institute. She is also a painter.