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Belgium to Japan by foot

‘Belgium to Japan by foot’ is a practice-based artistic research project (2022-2023). It starts from the romantic idea that it should be possible to walk on foot from Belgium to Japan.

This idea sprang from Marie-Sophie Beinke’s desire to conceive an artistic practice that would take place outside of the current organization of the art world, with its gallery shows, art centres, residencies etc. It coincides with the wish to slow down and to bring her artistic practice closer to her personal needs and beliefs, knowing that these will change throughout the practice.

Throughout this project themes as ‘chance and control', ‘failure and succes’, ‘solitude and companionship’, ‘home and homelessness’, ‘migration and immigration’, ‘standstill and moving-on’ will be fundamental clues and keys for the creation of new work as well as for understanding it.

Currently Beike’s main concern is how to transform this romantic wish into a feasible artistic practice by creating forms and rhythms and by starting collaborations with other artists, art centers and academies between Belgium and Japan.

The outcome will consist of postal and other editions, photographs, films, exhibitions and publications.