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Creating the Artistic Identity

We live in a changing world with changing attitudes and aesthetics, and the existing challenges for music students of the conservatoire are linked to the individual student’s own transformation towards becoming professional performers. Creating these kinds of unique artists in today’s socio-political-economic environment means questioning the position of the independent and self-sustaining artist today and job market through fostering the development of each individual artistic identity/persona and acknowledging the probability and importance in carving out an individual portfolio career.

As students have varied goals and diverse learning methods, one way cannot suit all. Through theoretical, practical and artistic methods and outcomes, this project’s vision is to provide a multi-prong approach working alongside the current bachelor/masters/research curriculum at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, enabling the students transition towards developing their own confidence, resilience and becoming self-reliant, self-sustaining, and independent in their artistic identity and professional careers.

Jeroen Malaise
Ine Vanoeveren