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‘THE DATING PROJECT’ is an ongoing series of performative experiments into how smartphones can affect behaviour and manipulate users into interacting with each other and the space around them. It consists of the creation of individual instructional videos to be downloaded by users which will guide them through a certain space and prompt them to relate to that space and each other in a certain way, roleplaying everyday scenes foregrounding social interactions as they do so.

In this research project, Dan Mussett proposes to set up a year-long laboratory in which this simple format will be interrogated, testing out different strategies to record, edit and distribute videos as well as experimenting with different contents, scenarios and ways to give instructions, providing a series of output moments throughout the year which will invite different groups of participants. On top of tackling ethical questions involving consent, agency, trust and responsibility that the format brings up, ‘THE DATING PROJECT’ will probe into the possibility of creating communal public experiences of joy and stupidity, even as users are inevitably separated by the distance of their individual screens.

To stay informed about workshops and testing moments throughout the year, please send a mail to:

Image © Klara Hermans