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Digital Tubes

The project takes place within the context of Chiara Percivati’s PhD in the Arts at the University of Antwerp and the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Her doctoral research ‘Different Tubes’ investigates the expressive potential unveiled by clarinet preparation and the consequent transformation of the performer’s role and practice.

The core subject of this two-year research project is the study of clarinet and bass clarinet preparation happening by means of digital technologies: specifically, 3D printing, Arduino electronic prototyping and motion capture. To design, develop, and test digitally conceived clarinet preparations, Chiara Percivati will collaborate with the Department of Product Development of the University of Antwerp, with composers/experts in this field, and with the Immersive Lab research center.
What is the specific contribution that digital technologies offer to the discourse on clarinet preparation? How do these specific preparation processes transform our perception of the instrument, of its physical extension, features and possibilities? How does the digital preparation process transform the clarinetist’s practice and role? What is the difference, if any, between the neighboring, contiguous fields of digital preparation and instrument augmentation?

Promotor: Renaud Guy-Rousseau (Royal Conservatoire Antwerp)