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Les Nymphéas digitales

The impetuous real world and the digital world where the physical laws of Einstein no longer count glide into a new reality. Without us realizing it our most emotional thoughts and images surf along an ice cold stream of a binary code where doubt doesn’t exist. It’s 1 or 0. But sometimes the glitch strikes, where both worlds encounter each other. In ‘Leq Nymphéas digitales’ Debussy like sound clouds blend with knife sharp digital glitches in an immersive octophonic setting.

With the aid of techniques from quantum physics and artificial intelligence - for which we collaborate with experimental physician Jan Eysermans (CERN) and specialist neural networks Frederik De Bleser - tools will be developed to help artists to interact artistically with immersive spaces. In the course of 2023 - under the title ‘Les Nymphéas digitales’ this research will result in a major immersive installation with 3D visuals, sound and musicians in collaboration with ChampdAction and HERMESensemble.