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From 2003 to 2008, Charlotte Lybeer stayed and photographed in gated communities and theme parks in the US, South Africa, Europe, China and the Arab Emirates. The success of these enclaves proves that the citizens of our globalized and 'boundless' world continue to long for manageability and an (artificial) sense of community. These capsular communities were conceived by project developers in the conference room and usually have nothing to do with the actual location.

In Lifestyle supermarket, man himself is responsible for the escapism of reality. Charlotte Lybeer currently photographs fan groups that are related to virtual worlds, in which players can construct a second identity online.

The characteristic of such a fandom is that these transhuman identities are also assumed outside the virtual world. LARP, taking a holiday from everydayness (2009) is a series of LARP (Live Action Role Playing) portraits, a role-play in which participants transform into self-made characters inspired by games, films and fantasy literature. In the research project The Furtastic Adventures Of The Cabbit and The Folf (2010-2011), Lybeer investigated the phenomenon Furry Fandom. A 'fan group' of fictional animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. These are striking examples of how contemporary man tries to fit into the image that the mass media (films and games first) provides us with.

Promoters: Phillipe Meers (UA) & Johan Pas (KAA)