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Look Into My I’s

We live virtually. The boundaries between man and machine are constantly changing. The fact that virtual and augmented reality are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives may play a role in how we will experience each other. For people it is almost self-evident that their environment can be redesigned. What if there was a way to apply these metamorphoses to ourselves?

Our digital avatar is an identical twin, a virtual duplication swimming around in the cloud. A cloudganger. Would he look just like us? Or is it rather a non-aesthetic, shapeless and colorless storage of data. What if you could design your own digital counterpart - essentially redesign yourself - as a creative opportunity to immortalize your existence? What aesthetic elements does this cloud DNA consist of and how do we paint this contemporary digital self-portrait with pixels? With current technologies such as AR, VR, creative coding and 3D scans, we can take our cyber avatar to a higher level.

We can apply these new techniques to our virtual twins. Let's drop our Zoom mirror image and start tabula rasa? Use yourself as a raw block of clay, using your keyboard and cursor like a sculptor uses his hands and tools to form a sculpture. What effect does this have on the perception of our digital identity? This research project takes this premise and explores the possibilities of questioning and redesigning the digital avatar image, different from the traditional self-portrait.