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Oeuvre Panamarenko

Panamarenko (1940) is, together with Luc Tuymans, regarded as the most important artist associated with Antwerp. Despite his self-announced pension, a few years ago, Panamarenko is still working on his oeuvre, although at a slower pace.

This research project consists initially of detecting all of Panamarenko's works. In the second instance, all works must be measured and described both technically and formally. Then they have to be photographed. Subsequently, the works must be dated and chronologically arranged. A genealogy of each work is also drawn up: all places are listed where the work was a) exhibited, b) pictured and c) mentioned in texts. The sources are the catalogs, the lenders, photos of the exhibitions, testimonies, the gallery owners, the museums and the artist himself.

In the oeuvre catalog of 1992, the texts mainly focused on the meaning of the 'open-mindedness' of the artist and the possibility of making new work. In addition, attention was paid to the underlying theories of the artist. In this new catalog, much attention will also be paid to the positioning of Panamarenko's work within the context of international contemporary art, on the one hand, and certain biographical elements on the other.