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Sonifying Landscapes

It has been frequently stated that our inability to engage with, and effectively intervene in the processes and transformations happening in our environment, are being directly related to the gradual time scale of those changes. In this artistic research, as a visual and sound artist, Anna Godzina wants to address the possibilities of making seemingly gradual, hardly perceivable changes in our environment and landscapes sensorially tangible on a time scale that becomes perceptible to humans. By positioning recording devices such as contact microphones inside landscapes, she will team up with the transformative forces that shape our surroundings in order to create sonic and sensory experiences. She will document microscopic events and the transformation of the properties and qualities of materials in time. Changes that are ephemeral and inaudible, will become permanent and audible. From remote peripheral areas to city environments, the sounds of a specific location inside a time span will be documented with the use of sound maps and sound scores.

By collaborating with composers and musicians, these sounds will be published on vinyl. Godzina aims to address the following questions: How to convey contemporary landscapes with their ephemeral, transitory stages in musical compositions and soundscapes? What can sound tell us about the micro-changes happening in our surroundings? How to activate the entangled network of the found object, matter, and the contemporary landscape?


(photo by Frank Holbein)