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On Tables

This research project focuses on the object table – a common infra-structure with a flat top and legs - with the aim to broaden our understanding of this object through a meta-physical investigation. In dialogue with collaborators the uses of tables in (art)historical representations are explored, making use of metaphors to examine the meanings and political and sociological tendencies of the table. In this manner the table can take the form of a tree around which birds gather, the interior of a pipe organ where infinite voices resound, remote tables connected by Zoom’s digital conference rooms and Still Life paintings of the sixteenth century. The project also reflects on the materiality of these findings, which make the table a solid rather than a wobbly infra-object.

The different meanings, interpretations, stories and perspectives will be mapped in a virtual table to find linkages, overlap and contrast in their material, relational and metaphorical attributes. To consequently be able to describe and interpret the infra-spaces where encounters take place and to create and activate new possible infra-objects.