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Teaching staff

Discover who our main subject teachers are and who is also involved with the management of the Conducting programme.

Choir conducting
Luc Anthonis: Principal study teacher choir conducting, scores
Geert Hendrix: Literature study choir conducting
Marleen De Boo: Group choral conducting class, large choir

Windband conducting
Steven Verhaert: Principal study teacher windband conducting, literature study
Jan Van der Roost: Instrumentation and analysis, literature study

Orchestra conducting
Ivo Venkov: Principal study teacher in orchestral conducting
Steven Prengels: Instrumentation and orchestration

Introduction to Choir Conducting
Luc Anthonis
Marleen De Boo

Introduction to windband conducting
Steven Verhaert

Introduction to Orchestra Conducting/Orchestra conducting (subsidiary subject)
Ivo Venkov

Piano accompaniment orchestral conducting
Nils Vanderplanken
Kiyotaka Izumi