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The code of conduct

Exploring boundaries is inseparable from arts education, but should/could never give rise to transgressive behavior. We expect everyone who teaches, studies and works at KCA to abide by our code of conduct. Even if you lecture, visit or come to watch a performance, we expect you to be mindful of this.

View our code of conduct.

Yes we care: 

  • In 2018, the Conservatoire co-signed the Charter on Transgressive Behavior with all higher education institutions. This defines transgressive behavior more broadly than just sexual transgressive behavior. 
  • The Conservatoire also has its own code of conduct. We expect every student, teacher and employee to abide by it. We update the code of conduct annually, with everyone willing to participate.
  • The student, faculty and staff code of conduct working group refines the code of conduct each year and also takes other initiatives around transgressive behavior. Interested? Contact wellbeing.kca@ap.be.
  • Are you a victim or witness to cross-border behavior (sexism, racism, discrimination, abuse of power, harassment, etc.)? Conservatoire Antwerp has a step-by-step plan for students and a step-by-step plan for staff, with various options for talking to someone about it or reporting an incident.