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Drama & Education
Educatieve opleidingen

The teaching artist programme Drama is only accessible for students with a sufficient Dutch language proficiency level.

The enrolment procedure can be found on the Dutch pages of our website.

Additional information

  • Tuition fees and course related fees

    You can find the Regulations of tuition fees, study costs and various expenses on the general regulations page of the AP website. In the Excel file underneath, you can easily calculate the total amount you need to pay.

    In September or October, you’ll receive an invoice for the tuition fee and course related fees based on your signed study contract. The invoice will be sent to your AP-mail.

    Tuition fees 2024-2025

    Students who are nationals of a member state of the European Economic Area (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden) for a diploma or credit contract: tuition fee fixed part: 288.00 euro + 13.80 euro / ECTS + 66 euro course related fee.

    Students who are nationals of other countries: tuition fee fixed part: 904.90 euro + 123.50 euro / ECTS + 66 euro course related fee.

    The tuition fee for foreign students does not apply for nationals of those other countries in certain specific circumstances as described in the regulations. Swiss nationals are part of the European Free Trade Association and can obtain an E card and pay the same tuition fees as EEA citizens. Students with British nationality enrolled in 2020-21 will continue to be subject to the normal tuition fee for the completion of the study started in 2020-21.

    A student from inside the EER enrolling for 60 ECTS within a diploma contract pays 1,182.00 euro tuition fee. A student from outside the EER enrolling for 60 ECTS within a diploma contract pays 8,380.90 euro tuition fee.

    Course related fees 2024-2025

    All Bachelor and Master students who register for 27 ECTS or more pay 66 euro, students with less than 27 ECTS pay 36 euro.
    Extra costs are also charged for attending performances and concerts.  These extra costs will be invoiced separately in May 2025 on the basis of actual expenses:

    • students who register for the course History of music 1 and 2, History of music (jazz) 1 and 2, Art criticism and Art criticism (Media, writing and performance art) pay a maximum of 50 euro extra;
    • students who register for the Bachelor in Dance pay a maximum of 80 euro extra.
  • Financial support

    For general information about international scholarships, please check and

    In order to receive a scholarship from the Flemish Community, you must fulfill multiple conditions. If you are temporarily staying in Belgium because of your studies, national conditions will be an obstacle and you might not be eligible to request this scholarship. If you do not meet the requirements, you will have to fund your studies yourself and (if possible) apply for financial assistance and/or study aid in your home country. For more information about the scholarship of the Flemish Community, please check

    Students from outside the European Economic Area are not eligible for financial aid from the AP University College. It is not possible to pay the tuition fee in instalments.

    Looking for an accommodation? What about the rental agreement? And the prices? Do you need insurance? Visa? Learn all about it on the practical information page of AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp:

    For incoming master's students from abroad, there is also the Mastermind scholarship (read the requirements carefully). 

    The Conservatoire also offers some internal scholarships (between 1,500 and 3,000 euros per selected student) to regular students of the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp: the Soroptimist scholarship, the Orange scholarship and the Bolster scholarship. Every year an internal call is made for these. 

    There are also external support initiatives such as:

    This is just a sample of what support is offered by externals. KCA staff regularly posts opportunities for support for projects, workshops, competitions and residencies on the student platforms Intranet and DigitAP.