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Café Dessiner


Every year in March, in the last week before the Easter holidays, the students of the Educational Master Visual Arts occupy the 'Lange Zaal' of the Academy with a pop-up café.

Café Dessiner is not only a cosy artistic meeting place where you can have a drink and eat the tastiest smoshes for next to nothing, it is also the event of the Educational Master of Visual Arts where our students can show the surroundings of the Academy and the professional field what they have to offer. In fact, the students themselves take care of the practical organisation, planning and content of the event.

Café Dessiner offers a professionalisation platform for students, teachers, alumni and colleagues from the professional field with activities such as workshops, table discussions, lectures and today's market with collections and artworks by students and alumni.

This year, Café Dessiner will take place from 27 to 30 March 2023.

By analogy with 360° Academy, students will engage in dialogue and interaction with the art education field about our role as an education. Moreover, in organising Café Dessiner, they will start from the broad school principle, trying to involve the neighbourhood and other external partners as much as possible.

Café Dessiner coincides with the project week of the academy's fine arts programme. The central theme of their project week is 'Craft techniques in contemporary art'. We will respond to this as a course and Café Dessiner will act as a meeting place for the project week participants.

Everyone welcome!