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Do you want to leave your mark on the global art scène as an artist and proud alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp? Then participating in competitions might be a good stepping stone to get there. Below you will find a regularly updated overview of the competitions that can be interesting for you. Make sure to apply on time and give it your all!


The European Space Agency (ESA) is calling all innovative and creative minds with a feel for design to help us envision what the future European space suit should look like.

Through our Open Space Innovation Platform (OSIP) we have launched the Space Suit Design Competition: how can we visually design a space suit so that it is instantly recognisable as a European suit for our ESA astronauts?

This competition places the emphasis on the look of a space suit rather than the technical elements, making it accessible to anybody who has an enthusiasm for space. The aim is to capture the European feel in the design, with the potential to use the winners’ idea for exhibits or promotional films. After a first selection round, the winning participants will be invited to an ESA centre.

You can find more details about the competition here. Good luck!


The Costume Society Awards is a yearly prize, awarded by the Costume Society. They describe themselves as a lively, friendly organisation whose aim is to promote the study and preservation of historic and contemporary dress. More information can be found on their website. Interested in participating in the Patterns of Fashion or Patterns of Performance awards? Make sure to complete the application form before 9 December 2022.

Good luck!