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admission bachelor Bachelor Dance
Bachelor Dans

STEP 2. Artistic entrance examination

If you meet the diploma and language requirements (STEP 1), you must pass the artistic entrance examination as a second step.

Registration for the entrance exam for academic year 2022 -2023 is no longer possible. Registration for the entrance exam for academic year 2023 -2024 is not yet possible. Would you like to stay informed about the next entrance exams? Then sign up for the newsletter Dance.


Did you sign up for the Bachelor Dance auditions?

  • Register for the entrance examination by the latest 26th of January 2022, email and pay audition fee as soon as possible to receive the questionnaire. You can already start preparing your video.
  • The questionnaire will be sent by 31st of January 2022.
  • Submit your film and questionnaire at the latest by the 4th of February 2022.
  • Selection 1 will be communicated by 21st of February 2022.
  • Live audition will take place from 16th to 19th of March 2022 – selections will be made throughout the 4-day process.


Do you want to participate? Follow this procedure:

1. Register for the entrance examination

The artistic entrance examination consists of two parts; a video-round and a live audition. Each candidate will submit a video. Our jury will watch the video and determine if the candidate can take part in the live audition.

A prospective student may enrol only once per academic year for the same admission test unless specifically requested by the jury after the first participation.

Please make sure not to miss any other deadlines regarding the required documents such as a visa, to enroll later on!


2. Check the starting competences

The dance department is interested in the potential of dance artists and seek this in many forms within their audition process. The audition includes contemporary, classical and improvisation classes, repertoire, composition, solo, group discussion and interview. Dance technical skills are essential, as well as creativity, individuality, personality and an ability to verbalise artistic interests, and it is the combination of all the elements that lead to acceptance into the course.

Alongside thediploma conditionsthat are required for studying the Bachelor dance, below is a list that encompasses aspects that are considered during the application process: 

  •  Good level of contemporary dance technique 
  • Fundamental level of classical ballet technique 
  • Fundamental experience and awareness of improvisation techniques 
  • Movement skills, amongst others: an adequate application of - postural alignment, centre of gravity, strength, control, breath, connectivity, coordination, efficiency, spatial awareness, dynamic range, musicality, expressivity, presence and mind-body connection 
  • Creative choice making and response to instructions 
  • Physical and mental condition to maintain the intensity of the programme 
  • Capacity for reflection and critical thinking 
  • Awareness of the Belgian and international dance and arts scene and wider society 
  • Communication skills and willingness to develop in a collective setting  
  • Clear motivation 
  • Positive attitude  
  • Passion for developing skills as a dance artist  

3. The administration fee

Wait for the registration email and then transfer the administration fee (40 euros) online within the application tool. The application fee is non-refundable. Once your payment is received, you will receive the questionnaire required to submit for your application process.

4. First selection

Submit an application film and completed questionnaire via the online system. 

Film requirements in one vimeo or youtube link with 5 parts included:

  1. A one-minute film that demonstrates your skills in classical ballet. This should include a short extract of both centre and barre work
  2. A one-minute film that demonstrates your skills and experience in contemporary dance. This should include a range of material that incorporates elements from the movement skills listed above and include travelling through space and changing levels.  
  3. A one-minute improvisation that incorporates your personal movement interests
  4. A one-minute spoken introduction of yourself where you share your motivation to study dance at the Royal Conservatoire.
  5. A one-minute solo choreographed and performed by yourself. Choose your own style and music.


  1. Upload your completed questionnaire including your vimeo/youtube link to the online system. Do not use a password to secure on your link.

The first selection is made from the content of your film and questionnaire. You will be notified if you are invited to selection two of the audition process based on your submitted documents 

5. Second selection

If COVID-19 regulations permit, the second selection of the artistic entrance exam will take place live at the Royal Conservatoire, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp. Follow the signs for registration. Registration is from 08h30 to 09h00. 

The artistic entrance exams will consist of 

  • classes in contemporary, ballet, improvisation, composition and repertoire 
  • group talk 
  • personal interview 
  • performance of a solo - maximum of 2 minutes
  • physical test with the resident physiotherapist 

Further selections will take place at several moments throughout the audition process 

6. Final selection, publication of the results and confirmation of enrolment

Candidates will be notified if they have a place in the Bachelor dance programme via email.  
To secure your place, students who pass the final selection must confirm their commitment to enrol tothe department via email 


STEP 3 till 7. After the artistic entrance examination