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Initiatives for a Future-proof Academy

Initiatives for a future-proof Academy
by Educational Master of the Academy (EMA)

During ARTICULATE, the EMA will put two projects in the spotlight by means of targeted actions.


ON/OFF: Towards an Adaptive Academy
Kick-off event
Mon 26.10 and Tue 27.10, 12:00 – 14:00

From the shocking transition from physical to digital lessons a lot can be learned about the essence, adaptation and expansion of artistic and theoretical education. The EMA searches for what 'adaptive learning', 'blended learning' and 'hybrid learning' can mean for an art school in the year 2021.
With the kick-off of ON/OFF, the EMA invites all teachers, researchers and students of the academy to actively contribute to the development of a future-proof educational model, based on personal experiences.


De Biechtstoel
Mon 26.10, 11:00 – 14:00

The EMA invited the collective 'de Zendelingen' to park their Confessional at the academy in order to gauge experiences regarding diversity and inclusion. The results of the discussions will be taken into account in the development of a diversity and inclusion policy for school contexts.


>> These events are part of the program of ARTICULATE I BAUHAUS 1 0 1