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(postponed!) Propositions for 'THE PARKING’

!! As a result of the more restrictive Covid-19 guidelines, the work process could not proceed optimally and therefore the outcome of this project will be shown at a later stage !!

Just like in previous years, at the start of this academic year, the INSITU department will put its students to work on a shared assignment. During one month, all INSITU bachelor and master students - in close collaboration with master's students of Architecture at the Uantwerp - will collectively work on the sustainable development possibilities of the outdoor space commonly referred to among Academy users as 'the parking’.
During ARTICULATE, their results - scale models, 1/1 models - can be seen inside and outside. In the spirit of BAUHAUS 101 and as an addition to the 'MAKING MUTSAARD' process, this project has the ambition of turning the Academy – as a space and as a school - inside out.

Space of/for change
Last academic year, during MAKING MUTSAARD (the preparatory process for drawing up a master plan for the Academy as an arts campus) the spatial context of the art education at the Academy was examined. This exploration mapped the general outlines regarding the spatial conditions for a transforming art education.

The 'parking' has always been a space that provoked explicit feelings but also exposed a variety of needs and desires. The potential of this communal outdoor space on the border between inside and outside, between the Academy and the world, will be explored in the broad context of the neighbourhood and the urban fabric. Using radical concepts based on thorough spatial analysis, on interviews and on the textual and visual narratives surrounding this space throughout its history, the designs resulting from this project will open up other perspectives.
In this project it is not the intention to realize individual artistic products or to make a design for this space. Similarly to the vision of Bauhaus in which the arts had to go beyond their autonomy and make themselves of service, INSITU wants to confront its students with social reality paying attention to spaces and the environment rather than focusing on a particular medium. The collaboration between students of the Academy and the University brings them out of their respective comfort zones and teaches them each other's methodology and skills.


>> This presentation is part of the program of  ARTICULATE I BAUHAUS 1 0 1