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Soup Safe Sessions
Open(air) dialogues for and by researchers

The Soup Sessions facilitate encounters for, by and about research in the arts at the Academy. During these lunch meetings researchers - both newcomers and more experienced researchers - get the chance to introduce their research process to their peers. Dialogue is always central to this. The Soup Sessions are intended as an opportunity for researchers to make as direct use as possible of the research capital of the Academy to which they belong and to which they themselves contribute.

In a one-and-a-half hour session, two researchers talk to each other about their research practice. There are no 'rules': researchers can elaborate on the scope of their research, their methods or processes, present (preliminary) conclusions or results, document their practice through images or tell about obstacles they encounter, their doubts and progress. The duo of researchers who host a session together, are expected to prepare soup and develop a suitable format for their dialogue. The only guideline is the explicit invitation to create opportunities for an experimental approach to inquisitive listening and interaction. In this way, the sessions can not only be a moment for meeting and exchange in which the researchers get to know each other(s) practice(s) better, but there is also room for sharing insights that can support everyone's individual research practice.

The Soup Sessions will temporarily become Soup Safe Sessions as sharing a meal together is currently not allowed. The dialogue sessions will therefore take place without soup and mostly outside.

Tue 27.10, 12:30 - 14:00
During ARTICULATE, the first Soup Safe Session will be about the project ‘The Unruly Apparatus’ and takes place as a guided walk through the exhibition in the Lange Zaal. Hosted by Steven Humblet, Geert Goiris and Anton Cotteleer.

Thu 29.10, 12:30 -14:00
The second Soup Safe Session takes place in the Tempel and is hosted by Els Dietvorst and Vivi Touloumidi.


NOTE ! As a result of the strengthened Covid-19 measures, this activity is only for students, teachers and researchers of the Schools of Arts Antwerp.


>> These sessions are part of the program of ARTICULATE I BAUHAUS 1 0 1