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Bolster (FKA Foundation Conservatoire Antwerp)

We are proud to announce the birth of Bolster.

Bolster is the non-profit organization that unites the Friends of the Conservatoire and the Foundation Conservatoire Antwerp. Both organizations have been supporting the 'talent of tomorrow' for many years, but now they are doing this together. If you both aim for the same goal, you can achieve more together.

Naturally, the Friends and the Foundation will take their regular initiatives to Bolster and performances and concerts, masterclasses, study grants, special projects, etc. will continue to enjoy our support, but together we will also support new, small and large projects that will, for example, take our Conservatoire into the digital world.
The Antwerp Conservatoire strives for excellence, and Bolster wants to and will play an important role in this. 
In the future we will keep you informed of all our activities and we hope to count on you to help make Bolster a success and look forward to new members. Today we present our logo, a graphic representation of our goal: 'to support the talent of tomorrow'.

Hopefully, and perhaps already at the next benefit concert with accompanying 'Maestro Honoris Causa', we will raise our glasses to Bolster together. We are looking forward to your comments because we are Bolster, all of us together.

Kurt Van Eeghem & Denis Ghys,
Vice-presidents of Bolster vzw

Cathy Berx,
President of vzw Bolster


Become a DONATOR
For a yearly contribution of minimum €1.000 you become a donor of Bolster.
Transfer your contribution of minimum €1.000 to the account BE98 3631 2781 2593 of the Bolster vzw, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp.

Become a PARTNER
As a company you pay an annual contribution of €7.500 for a partnership with Bolster and a wide range of collaboration opportunities awaits you.