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Iedereen Componist

Three years ago, the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the International Arts Campus deSingel shook hands on a unique creative project: “Iedereen Componist” (or “Everyone can compose”, in English). In this project, young children are encouraged and helped to improvise and compose in an open and inspiring environment. 

All participants are invited to come to a free, interactive, hands-on activity day in deSingel. This is an inspiring and musical day filled with workshops, coachings and small demonstrations. This encourages children from all social classes, whether they have a musical background or not, to take part in singing and making music in an artistic environment, surrounded by teachers and students from the teacher-training course. In addition, a small selection of participants is given the opportunity to take more intensive coaching sessions with teachers and students from the composition department. Over the course of several months, they work together using the children’s own musical ideas as their basis, and the children are given tips and tricks, working towards a major performance in the Witte Zaal together with Drama students and a professional youth music theatre writer and director.