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Master's thesis

MASTER'S THESIS: Artistic Pedagogic Research (APR)

The programme is concluded with a master's thesis of 9 credits that mainly tests the integration of all competences.

The master's thesis consists of an artistic pedagogical research project (APO) that is carried out in a collective of 4 to 5 students in cooperation with the broad field of work, mainly based on practical study, design-based principles, social learning and action research. You will be coached in this already from the first year.

For APR, each collective starts from one of the following themes:
Sustainability - Inclusion - Cross-domain

The research project will be linked to one of the three themes and will arise from a practical experience, curiosity, anecdote and/or challenge in the education and/or arts education sector. Each collective can determine its own working method and will be coached during all the steps.

Each collective makes a magazine in which the process and the accompanying results are processed. This magazine is made annually and distributed in the broad working field.