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Andrew Claes

Andrew Claes began his musical study at the age of nine with classical guitar, a few years later he added electric bass as a second instrument. When this musical glutton discovered the music of John Coltrane, he realized that his heart lies with the tenor saxophone. He studied saxophone at the Conservatory of Brussels with Jeroen Van Herzeele and then moved to the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, where he was taught by Ben Sluijs and Kurt Van Herck.

You can see him at work in Muni, BRZZVLL, Hamster Axis or the one-click Panther, Fables or Fungus, Drewdriver, the gospel project GO_TELL, the groups around drummer Teun Verbruggen, around Dez Mona frontman Gregory Frateur and many other constellations.

Electronics and soundscapes are Andrew Claes’ second passion and he eagerly explores the boundaries between free improvisation and dance. He has given concerts all over the world, has appeared on national television and radio, recorded several songs and albums with projects ranging from techno to free jazz and composed for various theater and dance performances and short films. In 2009, JazzLab Series selected Andrew Claes as a representative of contemporary, young Belgian jazz.

Courses: electronical improvisation

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