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Manon Avermaete

Manon Avermaete took her first steps as a young performer with fABULEUS. After studying modern theater dance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, she worked as a performer with a wide variety of companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

Her passion lay in choreography, more specifically site-specific dance theater. In 2012 she founded her own company Cie.Woest. Working on location and in public spaces organically created a new relationship with "the spectator". The conventional separation between performers and audience fell away. Exploring this separation became a constant in Manon's work. Not only did she seek more rapprochement with her audience, the spectator was invited to participate in the performance. In her last performance "Balancing Bodies" Manon explored the possibilities in co-making. The performance could only play when her audience actively participated. The spectator became co-maker, co-owner of the choreography.

In her start project ‘The co-ownership of the young child in artistic performance’, Manon wants to explore the experiences she had with the young child. She believes that every child has the right to qualitative artistic experiences.