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Philip Meersman

Philip Meersman (1971) shifts the boundaries of poetry both in written and spoken form. He is a cultural officer in GC Pianofabriek, founder of be.poetic vzw, curator Brussels Poetry Fest, co-founder of DAstrugistenDA, artist collective JA! and coordinator of the BK and EK Poetry Slam.

His work has been performed in many countries and translated into different languages. In 2012 he received the Russian D. Buliuk for extraordinary achievements in the field of avant-garde art and the avant-garde in research. Meersman is a Master in Art Science and Archeology and works on a doctorate in the Arts at KAA Antwerp in collaboration with the University of Antwerp. Meersman regularly works as a consultant for international poetry festivals and anthologies.

He has published poetry-theoretical essays for various magazines and organizations, including De orale interpretatie van visuele poëzie, Poëzie als passie en revolutie en Visual Poetry in the Low Countries, a Renaissance.