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Vitja Pauwels

During his last year of Jazz guitar at Erasmus in Trondheim, Vitja devoted himself to a solo project in which he strived to expand compositions for acoustic guitar by means of 'foot-controlled' live electronics. He used the maximum potential of his audio interface, Ableton, plug-ins, MAX MSP, MFL, various pickups, live sampling, use of loops, (pre-recorded) samples and field recordings, soft & hard synths, midi controllers, expression and effect pedals. He was coached by Stian Westerhus and Trond Engum.

During his education he took his first steps in programming specific (usually problem-solving) tools. He was already familiar with programming because of his previous engineering studies. Vitja participated in several research sessions in Trondheim where he ‘edited' (live processing) live improvising ensembles by means of self-designed 'processing instruments'. In this way he participated to improvisations from a whole different perspective. Each session was completed with extensive reflections.