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Residency 'Embodied Artistic Research'

The master Dance is a two-year part-time residency programme delivered in 6 blocks for a total of 60 credits. The programme is designed through an intense collaboration between Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and the artistic team of deSingel. Partnerships with other arts and educational institutions such as The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the University of Antwerp, Curatorial Studies (KASK), among others, embed the program in a wider network.

The programme allows for a sustained research trajectory over the course of two years. It provides a structure to develop embodied artistic expertise and knowledge in intensive exchange with peers, coordinators and mentors, with a wider network of collaborators from the field of dance, and in dialogue within different public environments. While the programme focuses on the individual practice and research of each student, it also relates them to current developments in the arts as well as in society.

Each block lasts two to three weeks focussed on collective time, guided by guest lecturers and artists. The blocks consist of workshops that question the notion of ‘embodiment’, the politics of dance, the making of choreography, among others. Through an ‘expanded’ approach the master Dance questions the whole theatre apparatus. Presence in Antwerp for these blocks is mandatory. In between the blocks you are supported through residency time to work on your individual research questions. The team of the Master Dance and artistic advisers will follow your process and give feedback.

You are welcome to consult the Trotter for information on the different classes and more.

The Master Dance is curated by Karlien Meganck and Michiel Vandevelde. The artistic coordination is done by Renata Lamenza Epifanio.