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Two Research Weeks are organized annually at the Academy. Within these weeks, research by students is central. The Research Weeks make an explicit connection between research and education, which gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with research(ers) and the research base within the Academy. During the Research Weeks they can choose from various research classes.

These research classes - organized, prepared and supervised by researchers from the Academy and / or by externally recruited researchers - are experimental and reflective in nature, and start from a thematic, but not discipline-related question. In this way they provide added value to the permanent curriculum and are complementary to it. They are non-studio-bound, but start from current research, with a broad scope of substantive and / or thematic perspectives, so that a relevant research experience can take place for every student.

The first Research Week of the academic year 2022-2023 will be organized in the week before the autumn break (from 24 till 28 October 2022) and coincides with the annual ARTICULATE art & research days


During this Research Week, master students can choose from the following research classes:

Interactive Sound machines

by Max Schweder and Charo Calvo

Sculptural Soundscapes

by Anna Godzina

Accelerated Life

by Ben Borden

Hands, letters, holes, silences and songs

by Andrea di Serego Alighieri and Martino Morandi

door Els Dietvorst, Dirk Braekman and guests


by Charlotte Koopman



For whom?
For the master students of the Academy. There will be no theory lessons nor studio work in this week. This allows the participating masters to make time and space for new experiences.

Information session 
During the general information session for the master students on 13 September 2022 (10:00 - 12:00), the various research classes will also be introduced and there will be time for questions. 
If you click on a research class in the list above, you will find more information and the contact details of the supervisors.

How and when to register?
Register from Monday 26 September 2022 (12:00). Instructions will follow by email and via Intranet for Students.
Registration is based on the 'first comes first served' principle. Once the choice for a specific research class has been registered, that choice can no longer be changed by the student. Research classes that are full can no longer be chosen.


(image: research class 2021, by Els Dietvorst, photo by Wannes Cré)