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The actor of today and tomorrow

The Drama program of the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp is a fixed value with a long history and a dream for many. The vision of this acting course was examined earlier, but recent shifts require a new inventory: How does the school position itself in this 'post-Herman Teirlinck' and 'post-Dora van der Groen' era? What about the cross-fertilization between theory and practice?

This research is not limited to the current vision of the study program, but also investigates the history of the course. We look at how the teachers build on this heritance and which echoes return in their approach. Of course it is important not to linger in the past. After all, an explanation of the current vision offers the opportunity to focus on the future: Which roads have been taken? What does the actor of tomorrow look like?

The output will be both theoretical and artistic. Because apart from an investigation into the link between theory and practice, this project wants to immerse itself in a cross-fertilization of both.