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The Balkan Frontier

The Balkan countries stand at a critical turning point as they approach potential integration into the European Union. The region's complex cultural influences and geopolitical dynamics have had a significant impact on its identity, both historically and in recent times. The project aims to explore the contemporary understanding of Balkan identity, seeking to uncover what symbolically unites the region while distinguishing it from the rest of Europe. Additionally, the purpose of the research is to explore the legacy of the region and to archive its cultural, social, economic, and political landscapes with the tools of visual communication. The objective is to capture a snapshot of life in the area before it is transformed by possible integration with Europe, examining how the perception of the Balkans impacts notions of borders and nationhood in today's interconnected world.

Through their collaboration as an artistic duo, Ivan Tomašević and Jaka Teršek aim to draw on each other's strengths and approaches to their research focus, with the goal of producing more dynamic and diverse findings. Since photographic research often is an exclusively individualistic practice, they are interested to see how their ideas will develop and expand through this partnership. By sharing their perspectives, they hope to gain new insights into their research topic, ultimately producing more compelling and refined results.