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The boot and the face

The Boot and The Face wants to highlight how the 'ecology of fear' (Mike Davis) sneaks into our daily lives. And what attempts we take as individuals in this society of control to protect us from (un)known threats. Charlotte Lybeer wants to investigate how abstract concepts such as safety, prevention and limitation can be visualized in a photographic series.

In addition, the project wants to question what is currently considered a threat. And what the role of the medium 'photography' can be in this (influence of media, surveillance cameras, speed and influx of images, ...).

The subject are groups that are hidden from view in one way or another. Often because they are deliberately shielded from the public because nobody knows or does not pay attention to them. The importance of the position of the photographer emphasizes the distinction between those who do and those who do not have access. The starting point of the project is the power of the social documentary photographer to show the secret and hidden.