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Form a Line into a Circle

Studio Radiaal, the interdisciplinary collective of Jasmijn Lootens (cello, electronics), Michaël Verlinden (piano, electronics), Jeroen Cluckers (video, film), A. De Causmaecker (space) and Maarten Craeynest (music technology), researches in ‘Form a Line into a Circle’ how to breach the linearity of the different disciplines in an immersive live performance.

Through the areas acoustic/electronic, analogue/digital, figuration/abstraction and reality/virtuality, this collective searches for parameters to symbiotically connect its media. The line symbolizes the borders limiting each discipline. The circle is the target: from the tradition of the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ and the notion ‘expanded cinema’, Studio Radiaal strives to create a total experience, sensing and transforming the boundaries between acoustic and electronic music, live performance, space, video art and film. This metaphor is also philosophical: using time as a central aural and visual dimension, the artists explore inter- and transdisciplinary methods to bend linear time, mapping innovative possibilities to establish internal, immersive experiences of time.

This research project is situated in MAXlab and supported by the Immersive Lab of AP University College, and ChampdAction through a two-year residence.