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Making waves

Making Waves is a visual and dialectical research investigating the role played by crafst in contemporary society and arts, by making use of a complex, experimental and engaged process. The project will start with a statement and contemplative exercise: a training (based on the traditional pupil-master pattern) in the studio of a master furniture maker. This is followed by a critical approach to the apparent contradiction between making and thinking from experience (via education and art practice) and from social, art historical and theoretical perspectives (via conceptual reflection and historical framework).

Following the projects Paraphernalia (2013) and False Friends (2015), Making Waves will form a trilogy in which different forms of creative play, of cognitive and optical references and deceptions - such as a puzzle - are put together.

'Making' refers to the experience of the action, to the process as an instrument. 'Wave' suggests a dynamic, a coming and going and thus an endless repetition. Together they are disturbing, innovative and controversial: a game in which Art and Craft meet. A showdown in the laboratory of the artist.

Promoters: Gert Verschraegen (UA) & Ria De Boodt (KAA)

(c) Zena van den Block