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Body and Material Reinvented

The research group Body and Material Reinvented explores questions in the arts that relate to the body and / or the material. Body and Material Reinvented both nurtures but thoroughly questions the materiality of a work of art and its contemporary relevance in all their aspects. As an artist, how can you search for and find new dynamic relationships between art and materiality? (In) how far can the boundaries of the art practice (still) be pushed?
To this starting point for artistic investigation, the research group links the ambition of an interdisciplinary and experimental approach. In doing so, it wants to offer accommodation to various art disciplines that focus on research issues about the three-dimensional, physical, sensory, human and social; and among other things raise questions about craftsmanship, authenticity, environmental impact, sustainability, transience, and aesthetics vs ethics.
The experiment as an artistic working method specifically connects the enquiries within the group. Absolutely vital are the continuous interaction between art practice and theoretical / scientific perspective, the adequate documentation of each stage of the investigation, and the continuous relationship of art to its social context. Can the core methodology of Body and Material Reinvented, e.g. experimenting with materials and techniques, conduct to innovative and community legitimate creation processes?
Thanks to the analysis of the making methods in the artistic creation process and the accompanying experiments, different forms of knowledge can be developed and flow back to art practice and even beyond. Not in the least as an alternative point of view for questions that call for an innovative approach in contemporary society.

Focus: Workshop as a try-out and transmutation laboratory

Team: Ria De Boodt (chairwoman), Roel Arkesteijn, Anton Cotteleer, Athar Jaber, Wim Wauman, Nicolas Baeyens,  Adam Galach, Lavinia Rossetti, Valentine Kempynck, Vivi Touloumidi, Lies Van Assche, Bart Van Dijck, Ellen De Meutter, Renata Lamenza, Stefania Assandri 

Contact: Ria De Boodt -