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Towards a theory of musical texture

Texture has always been an important parameter in music and yet one of the least understood ones. In the twentieth century, exploration of texture by composers has intensified considerably, which rendered the gap between the significance of texture in contemporary music and its theoretical understanding all the more evident.

The aim of this research is to create a deeper understanding of the textural domain in music and to lay foundations for further research of this important and largely unexplored topic. On one hand, a theoretical framework for analyzing texture in concrete music examples will be developed and formalized, on the other hand, a considerable number of pieces in which texture has a prominent role will be composed. Naturally, both activities will complement each other: composition will serve as a testing field for investigating theoretical issues, while research will provide tools and insights for artistic creation.

An important aspect of the research is to develop tools to teach texture to students of music. As a part of this research Amit Gur intends to conduct seminars and workshops dedicated to this subject. The outcome will be presented in a dissertation and a major orchestral piece which will explore new possibilities of working with texture.

Promoters: Wim Henderickx & Erik Myin