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Submit a research proposal

New call for PhD proposals

ARIA (Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts), the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (AP Hogeschool) launch a call for new doctoral proposals. The start-up of new doctorates is scheduled for September 2019. The research councils of ARIA and of the Schools of Arts decide on the admission to the doctorate as well as granting a number of part-time mandates (see below). Practical information about the course of the doctoral trajectory at ARIA can be found in the full road map.


The applicant for a doctorate is an artist or designer and holder of a relevant Master's degree (or equivalent) in the Visual Arts, Music or Performing Arts. He / she conducts research with questions and methodology situated in or arising from their own artistic or design practice, and with the necessary sense of discursivity. The submitted doctoral proposal must fit within the vision of ARIA. Furthermore, an artistic admission test can be organised by the Schools of Arts.

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts awards two doctorate mandates in 2019 (part-time appointment of 50% as research assistant during four academic years, starting on 16/09/2019). The call is open to research proposals in the field of artistic visual research. Preferably one of the two mandates will be awarded to research within the domain of Graphic Design. For the other mandate no binding domains within the visual arts are delineated.

The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp will award three PhD mandates in 2019 (half-time appointment as research assistant during four academic years, starting 16/09/2019). The call is open to research proposals in the field of artistic research in Music and Performing Arts. The following areas of attention were formulated:
- World music
- Social role of the artist
- Electronics
- Improvisation methodology
These areas of interest reflect interests and needs from the programmes, but do not form a binding framework. All research proposals in Music and Performing Arts will be evaluated equally.

Submit a proposal

Use this application form for your research application.
For the Royal Academy, you must contact research coordinator Els De Bruyn:
For the Royal Conservatory, you must contact research coordinator Kevin Voets:
Deadline: 1 March 2019 at 12.00.


•    Deadline proposal: March 1st 2019 at 12 noon
•    First selection based on the dossier: week of April 23 2019
•    Selection interview: week of May 6 2019
•    Research council Academy- Conservatoire: May 14 2019
•    ORARIA: May 15 2019
•    Steering committee ARIA for final decision admission doctorate: May 21 2019
•    SofA-council for final decision financing: week of June 7 2019

Extra funds 

ARIA provides additional funds. Download here the AUHA-BOF application form that you return after completing to:
Royal Academy Antwerp: Els DE BRUYN -
Royal Conservatory of Antwerp: Kevin VOETS -


There is no call for research projects at this moment!

General information

Research and doctoral projects aim to stimulate artistic and/or scientific research and embed the research in the courses of the School of Arts.

Research projects can be financed internally (annual call from the Schools of Arts) and externally. At the Schools of Arts there are four types of research projects for which (internal) funding can be applied for. All research projects should preferably have a link with the ongoing research and/or the activities of the existing research groups of the Schools of Arts.

Research projects can also be funded externally. One of the most important external funding channels is the FWO, an agency that supports ground-breaking fundamental and strategic scientific research at the universities of the Flemish Community. Artistic researchers who aspire a PhD mandate or already have a PhD are eligible for this.

There are also many subsidy channels at a European level, such as the Creative Europe program, the ERC, Erasmus+, etc. For more information about the various subsidy channels, contact the Research Coordination Unit of the AP Hogeschool.