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! CANCELED ! Sonopariete

It is with great regret that we have to conclude that with the rising infection rate and the more restricted covid-19 measures the continuation of ARTICULATE (part 1) at the Academy and ARTICULATE (part 2) at the Conservatoire cannot take place.



by Umut Eldem

What does music look like on a canvas?

Sonopariete is an installation that turns music into visuals on an empty canvas, projected on a wall. Anyone can come to the installation and start making sounds- a computer program takes the input from the microphone and transforms it into visuals. Different notes, instruments, sounds, and melodies create all kinds of different colours and shapes on the canvas. Inspired by synaesthetes -people who see colours and shapes when they hear music-, everyone is welcome to come and paint!

Umut Eldem’s research on synaesthesia explores how the senses combine in the artistic world. With artistic and scientific experiments on the nature of our audiovisual perception, he creates performances and installations where the visual and aural world combine into a synaesthetic experience. This installation is a part of his exploration of turning the musical experience into a visual one.


>> This event is part of the program of ARTICULATE | BAUHAUS 1 0 1.